Parallels Plesk Automation's Rapid Deployment Program

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Sign up for the RDP here:
Sign up for the RDP here:

Parallels Plesk Automation


Introducing the Rapid Deployment Program for Parallels Plesk Automation.

Directly backed by the Parallels engineering team, the Rapid Deployment Program (RDP) is an evaluation and deployment-support program for web hosters looking to grow their business rapidly through the successful deployment of Parallels Plesk Automation. We will be there every step of the way with you as you deploy Parallels Plesk Automation to grow your business.


  • Best practices content and guidance
  • Guided deployment of Parallels Plesk Automation
  • Opportunity to influence product features and direction

Sincerely, The Parallels Plesk Automation Team

Rapid Deployment Program Details:

-   Parallels will engage directly with Rapid Deployment Program Participants to help with the design and deployment of your Parallels Plesk Automation solution. See System requirements for Parallels Plesk Automation. The program ends Feb 1st, 2013.

-   Program Participants should have the ability to deploy Parallels Plesk Automation to 2 or more web servers into a production environment - one as a management node and 1 or more server(s) running as service node(s).

-   Provide Parallels with a mutually-agreed, secure, and predictable mechanism enabling remoting into the hosting environment for deployment/troubleshooting/diagnostic purposes.

-   Parallels will engage select Rapid Deployment Program participants in its case study program; it's a great opportunity for you to share your Parallels Plesk Automation experiences publicly.

-   Learn more about Parallels Plesk Automation, features and capabilities, try the hands-on demo, and see it in action!

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